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Rules of Roleplay Empty Rules of Roleplay

Post by Roleplay Moderator on Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:43 pm

  • No GMing. This is where you control the actions/reactions of another handler's character.

  • Remember that Mary Sues are boring. So give your character flaws and let them be normal. Gauge this on the world that you are setting your roleplay in, whether original or fanbased.

  • You may roleplay in first, second, or third person and in any tense. However, it is advised that you agree to at least the tense (usually past) with the other roleplayer(s) in your thread, otherwise things may just get confusing.

  • Remember to rate your threads! Read here.

  • Try your best not to nag the people you are roleplaying with unless you know them. If it's been a couple of days and they haven't given you notice, then a polite PM is okay. They shouldn't feel forced into posting.

  • Have fun! Roleplay is meant to be enjoyable, not another 'chore'.

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