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Post by WritingOutOfHabit on Wed Nov 30, 2011 4:28 am

Name: Chelsea Renee
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Job: Being Bored and Roleplaying

Posting Style:
Semi-Lit, meaning one to 5 paragraphs depending on what you give me. I try and match posts, sometimes I vary, but I DO post back fairly quick.
I like forum roleplays, the only time I want to do PM's are certain illicit scenes which I like to have in every roleplay.
Anime Pictures <3 Please.

I'm not fancifying this, because I'd rather spend time fancifying posts to roleplays I'd love to be doing.

I want to play the character in bold.


Masochistic Boy x Mute Boy
• Student x 'Cool' Teacher
Student x 'Mean' Teacher
Abused teenager x Friend
Younger Brother x Older Brother
Needs Organ - Organ Donor
• Twins
15 Year Old x 24 Year Old Kidnapper
• Imaginary Friend x Younger child
Boy Who Sees Ghosts x Older Boy Who Can Read Minds
• Underaged Alcoholic/Drug Addict x Bartender/Dealer
• Online Relationship Where The Two Meet Accidentally IRL


• Harry Potter •
• Draco x Remus
• Snape x Draco
• Snape x Remus
Remus x Weasley Twin
• Hermione x Draco

• The Covenant •
Reid x Tyler/Caleb/Pogue/OC [NO SARAH!]


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