This is my greatest regret. Rating: Child (might change)

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This is my greatest regret. Rating: Child (might change) Empty This is my greatest regret. Rating: Child (might change)

Post by TheSourceOfAllEvil on Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:53 pm

Here is what I would like to do: I'll post the beginning of this story and anyone can jump in and add to the story!

Part 1: Azkaban by TheSourceOfAllEvil
Inspiration(optional): Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said

I fought with all my might as they dragged me away and into the darkness of the prison reserved for the worst criminals. My crime? Standing up for my rights and the rights of my people and bringing into the light all the corruption and hypocrisy of the Ministry. Of course they distorted everything I did and made me look like the big bad wolf that wants to eat your children and pretty much destroy everything that’s good. They charged with attempt to overthrow the Ministry, conspiracy and public nuisance. I was sentenced to life in Azkaban.

Of course they would lock me up, I had enough evidence to have the ministry and his close officials arrested. The bribery of pureblood families to pass discriminating laws against werewolves and goblins, elves, centaurs and any other race other than wizards. This is what happens with the people who are smart enough to see through their schemes and lies, they are arrested and sent to Azkaban.

They threw me into a small cell and left me there to die. A filthy minuscule cell with no windows and I sat there wondering if they had already searched my house. They were in for a surprise, I knew they were going to arrest me but this is bigger than me. I had spent the past month making copies of all documents proving the Ministry’s corruption and by this time tomorrow the entire wizarding world would know everything I knew. They can’t arrest every wizard in the planet and I made sure every international newspaper got at least a dozen copies of the documents.

I might rot in this cell but I’m taking those bastards with me. “Another political prisoner?” I looked around for the owner of the voice but it was too dark, I had lost track of how long I had been here. “Yeah” I didn’t bother sitting up. “How do you know?” I frowned. Was this floor reserved for political prisoners? I had assumed all cells were the same. “It’s been almost two days and they haven’t given you any food or water. I suppose they want you to die faster” I could imagine the owner of the voice shrugging in his cell. “They make sure you die before there’s any change of you leaving this place” Another man spoke, he sounded tired.

“I doubt anyone will come for me” I always prided myself in being realistic. People didn’t leave Azkaban and the only one to ever escape was Sirius Black, an animagus. I was out of luck, werewolves were to big to squeeze through the bars and out of control. I wonder what will happen during the full moon. Would I be able to break the bars? Probably not. “Tell us, what did you do?” The second man spoke. “Apparently calling the Ministry out on all their bullshit is grounds for treason” This time I shrugged as laid on the floor staring at the ceiling that I couldn’t see because of the darkness and lifted my legs resting them against the cold stone walls.

“Ah, you must have pissed them off” The first one spoke with amusement in his voice. “I’m Thomas, by the way” I smiled. That was my consolation prize, that I had pissed them off. “Agatha Keshet” Yeah, I was a pureblood witch and a werewolf since the age of twelve and Slytherin’s best seeker that was, until people found out I was a werewolf and kicked me out of the team and I dropped out of school. There’s no sympathy for a Slytherin half breed. Mostly because of being in Slytherin, because we’re all ‘evil’. Just like the Minister and the majority of the Wizengamot. Ha! Now that I think about it, I must have gone to school with most of their kids.

“How old are you?” The first voice or person asked. “Nineteen” They were silent for a moment. “Why would you throw your life away like that? You should’ve kept your mouth shut.” The first man sounded angry. “I didn’t have a life left. I’m a werewolf” My confession caused another silence. “We have nothing, not jobs, no social standing. It’s like we’re lepers” I glared at the darkness. I guess it took a while for the realization that I would spent the rest of my life, however short that might be, in this cell.


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