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Post by Belgarion489 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:10 pm

It was a beautiful day in the small lakeside village of Caenleaf, the lake shimmered from the light of the warm sun, and the majority of the villagers, as usual, were going about their daily lives, working as either craftsmen or farmers, or as freighters for the outlying towns and other villages. Once again, as usual, Alex, Agatha, and William were going around the town either helping out or causing a ruckus. "Oi! You!" The villages bartender, David, roared at them in an attempt to make them clear off. As usual, they would shrug and move on, either helping in the shops or causing a scene, because that's the way they loved it, to just take it as it came, and look at the best part.

The sun eventually began its quick descent over the village, winter, as is the usual sped the sun in its decline and caused things to grow darker with each passing minute. Alex was sat at home, drawing sketches for mechanisms and plans for all sorts of things, his father’s house was on the outskirts of the town, rather odd for the mayor, but it serve useful at times, Alex supposed. Suddenly, he recognized the sound of clinking mail shirts and grunting. He peered out of the window carefully, so to not be seen. Alex's Father, the self-proclaimed Mayor of the village, walked outside, the rest of the village looking out sneakily. Goblins. That's what was here. Why, Alex didn't know, but he aimed to find out. Grabbing his hunting bow and dagger, he crept outside, successfully remaining out of the Goblins eyesight. "Our Seers." One goblin, who Alex presumed was the "Martial" or physical head of the tribe began to speak. "Have told us of a Great Reckoning, and preceding it, came great theft. This theft has now taken place, our totem, has been rudely taken from us. We believe it, to be found here." he stated, eyes narrowing, anger beginning to seep into his features. 

"I shall ask my fellow villagers then, for I cannot perceive who would dare take such a noble tribes artefact." Alex's father said, keeping his face calm and composed. "If you would please allow me?" He asked, and the lines of the goblins parted, allowing the Mayor to go past, he quickly started to go the houses, entering, speaking for a few minutes and then leaving. Alex began to get worried, and slunk back inside the house, if a fight broke out, then a house would be the better defensive position. Quickly before Alex began to watch, he grabbed a strip of cloth and tied it around his forehead, in order to keep his bright blonde hair from getting in the way of his eye, he didn't want a mistake because he couldn't see perfectly. The next moment, Alex's father came back in, looking at his son with intense eyes. “Son, you must take all the food and water you can get from this place, we plan to evacuate immediately, little by little, so the Goblins do not notice." 
Alex let his confusion show. "B-But why?" Alex asked. 
The Mayor shook his head. "Goblins, foul beings they are, will never listen to reason, their seers believe their artifact is hidden here, but it is not. This means they will attack us and burn this place to the ground at first notice." He said, while arming himself with a broadsword, with small daggers tucked into small pockets in his hose. "Are you ready?" He asked Alex. Alex nodded, having gotten a pack and arranged it so he could fit as much as he could into it.
"Then go, sneak out as well as you did before and no-one shall notice." He said, before steeping back outside. "My good goblin friends..." He began, before you could hear the crunch of mailed boots, but coming towards the town. Reinforcements? Alex guessed, while hastily setting traps around the house, nothing would get out without at least a few scars. A new voice then filled the silence. "We come for the necklace of Del-Fuller." The voice rasped, it appeared this was the Spiritual Head or "Shaman" of the tribe, and the Martial was either not there or unable to speak. 

"Del-Fullar... You dare approach us, the mighty Al-Shular clan?" The Martial head of the first clan ground out. 
"Al-Shular, are you responsible for the taking of our amulet? With these humans as your accomplices?" Alex saw the slight eerie green glow in the Shaman's hand, obviously this shaman was knowledgeable in the Entropic Arts as well as those of Foretelling.
"You dare play these false claims? Al-Shular has lost their totem, and you will be eradicated for your part in this." Before Alex could blink, the Al-Shular clan charged. 
"Foolish..." The Shaman of Del-Fullar spoke, the glow leaving his hand, instantly withering one goblin. "You are weak compared to us! Attack my brethren!" Carnage began to reign.

Alex gasped, and quickly sprinted towards the forest. Thankfully it appeared he had made the right choice, as he saw at leat ten others there, William and Agatha among them. "Thank the Creator you are both here." Alex said, between breathes.
"We have to move quickly, Caldurna is our best chance, it's fairly large, and while parts of the town are slightly seedy, they should suffice long enough for the rest of us to settle with work." William said, who was forever the Cartographer. "That sounds right to me, Caldurna Market is the biggest in the area, it should be easy for those skilled enough to get mercenary work, the others can find other jobs, or they can move on to nearby cities, some have excellent centres of learning." Agatha added in.
"Agreed then? Yes." He said to the villagers, most of whom hadn't even been listening. "I said, are we agreed?" Alex spoke louder, though he couldn't shout in fear of goblins finding them. Most villagers nodded, and with that they began their journey... One which would take few on a long one, to distant places and new experiences, they just didn’t know how far it would take them yet.


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