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Post by WritingOutOfHabit on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:43 pm

I touch his hair, just behind his ear.
It's soft, like these leaves I felt at the garden in town.
Elephant Ears, the leaves were called.
But his hair, brown, curly, was soft as it threaded through my fingers.

"So soft." I whisper, my lips only inches from his.
He was always quiet, always alone.
I wanted to know him, so I did.
I move my hand down to his neck. Still yet to kiss him.

His breath smells like candy, the little sugar sticks.
It's sweet, and it makes me smile.
I lean forwards and he leans forwards.
Our lips connect, his were cold, but... warm.

They moved together and my heart beat fast.
I pulled away quickly, tears welling.
"Stop! Stop it now! This is wrong!"
"Wait, Jason!" The boy yells at me. "Jason!"

I stood from the floor of the locker room.
How could he force me to do that?
How sick was he! This was so wrong!
I have to tell someone, anyone!

I stop. My tongue moves over my lips.
I hear his feet slowly moving towards me.
"Jason... Please... I've never had a friend."
"You're gay..." I whispered, refusing to see him.

"Jason..." His voice is soft, and that sweet breath is on my neck.
"Yes... I'm gay." He said and his hands touched my arm.
I pulled away quickly. I don't want this...
I don't want this feeling. "You are too."

He pulls me into his chest and I close my eyes.
"No... No I'm..." Tears are starting to run down my cheeks.
"Shhhh It's okay." He murmers and I sob.
What was I going to tell my father? Sorry dad. I'm gay?

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