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SHORT STORY - Drabble's Of A Mad Man - Rating: Adult Empty SHORT STORY - Drabble's Of A Mad Man - Rating: Adult

Post by WritingOutOfHabit on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:41 pm

The boy sat up and looked around the dimly lit room. His eyes scanning the white walls, the sad pictures of a lost brother. Not his of course but the man laying beside him, the sheet only covering the most beautiful part of him. All 6 and a 1/2 inches of the male's appendage rested cozily beneath the black sheets. The boy slid out of bed and flipped his picture down. He couldn't have that staring at him. He padded to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, cringing.

The bruised eye, the swollen lip and the slightly askew nose. He wasn't perfect in any way, his father hurt him, his mother beat him... but one man insisted to differ on that ideal. And his arms now wrapped around the boy. "Jamie... You should be asleep."

"You should be asleep, Mr. Ramone." The boy whispered back. James thought back to just a few hours before when the male had been shoving those inches deep within him, screaming out his name. "I'm fine, just... Cleaning up."

"Jamie... I'm not Mr. Ramone outside of the classroom. To you I'm Anthony when no one else is around. And to me you are Jamie, the most beautiful-" He kissed the bruised eyelid, "Most intoxicating-" then the busted lip, "Man I've ever had the pleasure to meet. And you're perfect, and you're mine."

Mine... What was with this man and his possessive words? It felt better though, than the 'disown' and the 'get outs' he'd been getting for years. "You're right, Mr. Anthony. I'm yours, all yours, especially alone." He whispered, and turned to cradle his body into the older teacher. A smile settled on both of their faces and they both knew nothing could be better than 12 hours ago with the boy who was bleeding profusely on his doorstep, had come into Mr. Anthony Ramone's life outside of the school.

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