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Post by Belgarion489 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:08 pm

Friends Now
Friends Forever
Friends in Health
Friends in War
Otherwise they wouldn't be
Friends at all

There when you laugh
There when you cry
There on your deathbed before you die
There through the hardships
There through the worst
There in the troubles
There in the times that you most need help

But best friends are so much more
No one would care if they;re short or they're tall
People know when they're near
They had better feel fear
'Cos there is a friend who will fight to the finish

They don't have to be near or at hand
They don't even have to be on the same land
They could if they would
They feel that they should
But they're not just there to lend an ear
Or be with you there just to shed a tear
They're there for a laugh and to just be around
Ignoring silence in it's dusty shroud
Their presence comforts you in the coldest of times
While ignoring time and it's distant chimes
Though you hardly notice them, they're not worth the hassle
You're all holed together in a fantasy castle

This is what these people are here for
To listen and trade with you secrets galore
They work like a charm
To keep you calm
And make the best from all that you've got.


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