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Post by Belgarion489 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:07 pm

These day everyone seems far too sad
Forgetting the good and remembering the bad
Perhaps there's reason, and for now there's time
After all the clock still has many chimes
But don't forget the grins and the smiles
As well as all of those friends you have on speed-dials
This is one hurdle, there's so much more

So much more fun and places to explore
So for now be sad, times are tough
But remember that no matter how much more it may get rough
That there's everything good yet to be
And you're the one that holds that key
That burning flame
That takes all the pain
and leaves us with the light and warmth 
Makes the rest of the world morph
into the happiness that can be in that which mends
Those simple things you call you're friends.


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