Poem on Leukemia-Teen

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Poem on Leukemia-Teen Empty Poem on Leukemia-Teen

Post by Belgarion489 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:06 pm

The Pain, the Pain it's there to stay
It's something they must go through
Day by Day, Hour by Hour
A fight, a wall they must get past
Yet every day some hopes are dashed.

None of us know what we can do
Hope and pray they'll tough it out
Find a way to push it out
We spend our lives waiting, praying and wishing.
We find a cure to help it all

They try their best, to fight it back.
But all it does is strengthen it's attack
We need a cure, we need it now
We need brave souls to give what they can
We need to help and give something back.

You see how kind these people are
Their eyes can shine brighter than any star
But their time is short, it could end now
Those forced to take their final bow.

Leukemia is cruel
It takes our loves
It takes our friends, who've done nothing to us
It takes those who have done nothing but good
It takes our saints who we never understood.
We need it stopped, we need it to end
We need to drive it round the final bend
Remove it's taint, remove it's pain
So that those who are left have more than just memories to gain.


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