Nevermore an Edgar Allan Poe inspired Poem

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Nevermore  an Edgar Allan Poe inspired Poem Empty Nevermore an Edgar Allan Poe inspired Poem

Post by Cro on Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:23 am

I'm sitting in a dimly lit room,
the only sounds,
are the sweet caws,
of the crows and the ravens,
that rest outside of my door,
my mind races,
I hear a sound,
a scratching,
a clawing,

what is that,
something trying to get in,
a soul that cannot rest,
what is that noise,
I release my mind,
from the state it's in,
I clear my head,
try to focus on,
the task that is set before me,
a squawk,
a claw,
a scratch,

my nmind races again,
thinking of things,
that could be out there,
in the dark,
out there in the night,
I light a candle,

to give me more light,
to make these noises go away,
to make the visions,
in the brain stop,
could it be,

Edgar Allan Poe,
talking to me from the behind the grave,
another sqwak,
they must be talking to me,
telling me something,
what it is I can't understand,
what do they want me to do,
another sqwak,
it's all clear now,
it's The Raven talking to me,
it's repeating it's famous line 'Nevermore'
I shall think,
No more,

I shall sit here,
in this dimly-lit room,
and focus on my work,
focus on my poetry,
on my madness,
yes, Nevermore,
It makes sense,
To Quoth The Raven 'Nevermore'


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