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The End - Rated T for Teen Empty The End - Rated T for Teen

Post by Cro on Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:54 am

I traveled through time,
and I saw the future,
that you will never see,
I saw what god has done to us,
what the world is coming to,

the seas,
they boiled over,
and the world it turned red,
I've seen the war,
the mayhem and the utter destruction,

don't belive me?
look to the skys,
the darkend skys that are no longer friendly,
that no longer see the peace,
that was once there,

I've seen our so called president,
sell his soul to the devil,
for his own fianncial plan,
and the trust what we thought we had,
it has disappeared in a flash of bright-light,

so know,
lets just watch the world disappear,
and the rest of us,
will become his slaves,

can we help ourselves,
or will we all be doomed for all of mankind?
so know just come and take my hand,
and I'll show you how to avoid judgement day,
for I am your fate,
and I am your destiny,


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