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Post by WritingOutOfHabit on Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:19 am

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Owner/Creator of HogwartsFC, HogwartsFD, And SalemSchools
I do signatures for my HP Roleplay sites so if I need too, I can credit the sites again,
but I’d rather let the art speak for itself.

I think I’m pretty good since I only got photoshop 5 months ago, and didn’t use it until January…
I strive to learn more. But as the title says: my work changes on my mood. I’ll try and sort it out! <3

--I was once told, show your favorite first then show your best. I will follow this line of advice to this day.--


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DA @ The Following:
AND MY ALL TIME FAVORITE: @powerpuffjazz

Michael Vincent Manalo @Photoshop Tutorials
Paul Poppenburg @Photoshop Tutorials

Sorry if I forgot anyone!!

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