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A View On Myself - Rated: Teen Empty A View On Myself - Rated: Teen

Post by WritingOutOfHabit on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:52 am

My Name Is Chelsea.
I'm 20 Years Old And I'm Still More A Kid Than Children Are.
My Family Doesn't Condone It, But:
My GIRLfriends Name Is Evelyn.
I Love Her.

I Can't Remember Her Birthdate.
I Can't Remember Her Full Name
Or The Names Of Her Family Members.
I Can't Remember Why In The World She Loves Me.

I Do Remember How Much She Likes Ed Westwick,
How She Enjoys Hearing My Voice,
And That Some Days,
All She Wants To Do Is Watch Gossip Girl And Ignore The World.

I Know That She Is Perfect Control To My Chaos.
I Know That She Is Perfect Hot To My Distant Cold.
I Know That She Will Always Say I Love You TOO.
I Know She Means It.

We're Happy In Silence.
& I'm Happy With Her.

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